Keith Shelby - Preneed Counselor / Funeral Director
Keith Shelby

Keith Shelby
Funeral Director
Keith Shelby is a native of Jasper county along with his wife, Tommie Ann (Dodie). They reside in the Moss community for over 20 years and are members of the Moss Church of God.
They enjoy working on their farm wit all of Dodie’s animals. Keith enjoys Outdoors and all types of hunting and fishing. Dodie has been serving Jones County working with Hattiesburg Clinic with Laurel Dialysis for over 25 Years.

Keith has been serving his community and the surrounding areas through the funeral home for over 25 years.

He served as the coroner for Jasper county for 8 years and currently serves as a deputy coroner for Smith, Jones, and Jasper counties.

Keith welcomes you to come by the funeral home with questions or funeral needs.